Muzzled, Jobless and Jailed: Britons Shall be Slaves

The globalist control freaks are out of the closet now. On both sides of the Atlantic, the captive citizens  of the free west have been driven past the point of tolerance. The political actors have taken off the gloves and the end game has begun. For the banksters and the techlords, the prize is control -total control- over the world's population. To secure the prize, all economies must be destroyed, all freedoms removed, all populations reduced to poverty. The State will be your father, mother, banker, jailer. To believe anything else now is wilful blindness, the ostrich syndrome. Just look around you and see what has become of the world you had a mere few months ago.

Covid hasn't destroyed anything - but the "authorities" have, in every single country that claimed to be "democratic".

Can  any sane person ignore the simultaneous international rush towards tyranny? There are police cars patrolling the border between England and Wales. UK Supermarket chains are forbidding couples from shopping together "to prevent queues". Internment camps are already open in New Zealand - State prisons to which citizens are taken by force, and held indefinitely until they submit to "testing procedures". Not in Korea, not Russia - New Zealand. Be assured, the USA and UK are planning similar camps for you and I. As of today the British lawmakers want 'hate speech crimes' to include conversations you have in your own home. Had enough government yet? 

Slowly -too slowly- the truth is dawning. Many who believed the pandemicrap at first, now rail and rage at the lies being peddled while their hopes and futures are crushed. Every day another wave of revulsion crashes against the barricaded doors of the political pygmies. Their lies are all but stripped bare now, the hoax has gone way, way too far, and every day more and more people refuse to worship at the altar of Covid. 

But to each new wave of protest, the state responds with bigger lies, fatter numbers, rules more cruel and sadistic. The sci-fi Covid-stooges only double down. It's a war to the death now and you're in it, whether you like it or not. Protest itself -the major difference between tyranny and freedom- is about to become illegal. As I write these words the UK Home Secretary has instructed the police to break up any public protest involving two people.  In 1984 I went behind the Iron Curtain to visit the Soviet-run hell-hole of East Berlin, and enjoyed more freedom than we have now in Britain. I could shop without a mask, walk into a bar for a beer, sing in public, dance, and visit the home of someone I met in the pub. It has taken the globalists just 36 years to drag us into a pit deeper than communist Russia.

Today, in New Britain, I refuse to wear a mask, so my food has to be bought online and delivered. I am forbidden to do my job, and have endured the destruction of a business that took years to build up. I am currently under effective house-arrest in Wales, with every and any form of public gathering forbidden. In England you can't even visit your own dying mother. This is already fascism, right here, right now.    

A prison is being erected around us while we cower in our homes, divided between those (mistakenly) afraid of a feeble disease and those correctly afraid of the techno-fascist coup being rolled out. To keep us busy in our cells, newspaper headlines scream aloud the Daily Threat : Climate, Covid, Corona, cancer, terrorism...        

The government warns/threatens us that a major terrorist attack is now "highly likely" in the UK. This ugly reminder comes after a series of brutal Islamist murders in France and an Islamist killing spree in Vienna. As usual, 'migrants' from muslim countries carried out the atrocities. Strange, then, that between March and June, while the people of Britain were locked in their homes under threat of arrest, the British government escorted over three thousand anonymous migrants across the channel into England - 90% of them from muslim countries. To suggest any possible link between the phenomena of migration and Islamic terrorism is, however, racist and absurd, we are told, by the BBC, the press and all senior politicians.(Although Islam is not a race). Beware, hate speech verboten, we are warned, so don't go joining any dots. Wrongthink is not permitted. If you're in danger of thinking out loud, the sight of muzzled shoppers trudging the aisles in dumb silence is a sharp reminder of your place in the scheme. Little people must shut up. Little people must obey. Speech is not free, not even behind your own, locked door, if the state gets its sordid way.

And still the Yougov goon-show goes on, in the fantasy world of mainstrea media. It boggles my mind to read the gas-bags in the press still trading flabby blows over the moth-eaten two-party theatre running non-stop in London. For the general public, the illusion of Left and Right has long since evaporated. The last four years killed the production stone dead, and everybody woke up in everyone else's bed. In desperation for the Brexit they believed they had coming, the working class held its nose and voted Conservative, only to find the 'nasty party' had morphed into a mob of Tory Blairs. How depressing, to climb on board the capitalist cruise-ship just as it sinks beneath a wave of diversity.  But there's nowhere to run when you can't turn Right and there's nothing Left. Having abandoned the underclass in favour of the migrant-class, today's Labour Party is merely a Woke swarm, a sneering London elite, pushing censorship, groupthink and the racist dogma of identity politics. Joe and Janet Bloggs better look elsewhere for help.

Turn down the sound and behold your leaders, people of Britain. Both Punch and Judy stand revealed, naked on the floodlit Westminster stage: grinning, mute, masked, genderless puppets. You can't vote your way out of lockdown any more than you can vote your way out of the EU. You can't vote yourself out of prison. It's not allowed, citizen!   

2020 has exposed our social structure as a never-ending parade of imaginary threats and egregious power tripping. Nothing has any substance. Here are just five of this year's most insulting falsehoods:

Wearing a mouth-cloth to limit your air intake and smear your face with mucus is healthy. We are still free people- just temporarily imprisoned at home for our own good.  We're not going to be conned into State vaccination, we're going to be cured of the killer plague. The World Health Organisation is really working towards World Health. Lockdown is a great way of keeping people alive.

The nights grow dark, winter is looming and by Thursday night around 50 million honest, innocent British people will be back  under house arrest. At least two million jobs have already vanished and thousands more are going every week. The destruction of our economy is almost complete. The concept of Britain as a functional, competitive democracy is a sick joke - millions have been robbed of their occupations and opportunities, while the mirage of survival is being sustained by a river of imaginary money.       

This is the beginning, not the end. The next step -when the money-tap is turned off- will spell the death of a middle class that took over 100 years to build. At first slowly, then quickly, their properties and land will be sold or snatched, until the vast bulk of Britain is once again owned by a tiny elite - like in the good old days of the 17th century. And when the middle-class are robbed of their hard-won handful of wealth, the flickering spark of electoral power -which was, in truth, never that bright-  will vanish without trace. Unhindered by the handbrake of that pesky meritocracy, the billionaire class will detach themselves from the down-at-heel morass into which middle England will dissolve. Neither the jobs nor the land will be coming back and a new feudal society will creep out from the cracks in our social landscape.

Once upon a time, Britain's younger generation could have been relied upon to pour the boundless energy of youth into a nationwide revolt against this kind of engineered tyranny. But our young Millennial bulls  were castrated in advance - dazzled with smartphones, dumbed by de-education and gelded by 'inclusion'. The poor saps grew up thinking their mums and dads were the enemy, what with all that boomer transphobia and racism and up, dude, time for another lockdown...

Demographically speaking, a huge change in the population will soon have been completed. By 2035, around a third of UK families will be first or second generation immigrants from non-democratic countries where unemployment and slave wages were the norm. This will be a population less educated, less skilled, and much less demanding of its rulers. A population much more inclined to obey the Rules. (Conveniently for the post-Covid administration, half the muslims are wearing face-coverings already). The portion of indigenous citizens with familial roots going back three or more generations will be a muted, dwindling core; unrecognised and unimportant. Relics of a byegone age. Their children and grandchildren will have more in common with the ambitionless second-generation migrants.

In an era of limitless communication, the final irony will be a growing national inability to communicate anything more complex than an emoji. The ongoing corruption and abuse of the English language will rapidly accelerate, as 'outdated' cultural artifacts like grammar get wrenched out of the educational realm and historical truth erased to reassure future generations that Britain was never really much different from anywhere else. 

If this sounds like gloomy exaggeration, consider that the current active vocabulary of inner-city 18 year-old Brits -of all races- is just sixty words, down from over 90 just fifteen years ago. If this rate of descent continues, by 2035 that will drop to less than forty - on the borderline of the communication threshold that separates humans and various animal species. Not a Britain that most of us would recognise, or indeed, want to inhabit. 

Bear this in mind when shopping for your festive Xmas mask, online, in between trips to the washand basin. Maybe it'll all blow over soon.

Sic Transit Gloria Mundi.




  1. Not 'blow over' Ian, BLOW UP.

    1. Hmm. Wasn't November 5th famous for some reason?

  2. This today –

    ”A report published by the British Academy and the Royal Society found that, due to circulating misinformation and behavioral factors, around 36 percent of people in the UK are now uncertain about being vaccinated or are very unlikely to get vaccinated against coronavirus.”

    ”The research called on governments to create a “serious, well-funded, and community-based public-engagement strategy” to counter misinformation and hold media companies accountable for spreading harmful information, and to fill in “real knowledge voids” by educating the public on how to spot falsehoods.”

    ”Professor Melinda Mills, the lead author of the report, suggests first providing the vaccine to priority groups, such as healthcare workers, teachers, and retail workers, and then vulnerable groups in crowded situations, including homeless people and individuals in prison.”

    Ms Mills is a Professor of Sociology, incidentally. It will be interesting to watch the reactions of those groups selected by Professor Mills to be guineas pigs for the first vaccine rushed into service by the unholy trinity of Bingham, Whitty and Valance.

    Incidentally, it appears that Bingham is about to do a runner, apparently as a result of blowing over half a million of taxpayers' money on a trendy PR outfit. Though I suspect she wants out asap to dodge the fallout from a panic-driven vaccine programme.

  3. One has to admire the Royal Society's mind-reading abilities. Using their secret (royal) powers of insight, they can enter the brains of 36% of the population, presumably in the manner of the Vulcan mind-lock employed by Mr Spock in Star Trek. Having opened these twenty-odd million minds, they know that all the people concerned wish to keep their bloodstreams free from commercially-produced chemicals because of "misinformation" and "behavioural factors". As one of that 36 percent, they can STFU. Speaking personally, I don't want -and will not accept- commercial chemicals in my bloodstream because my body belongs to me and NOT the state. Strangely enough, there are twenty-odd million others who respect their own bodies as much as I do.
    Your point about the "priority groups" to be vaccinated is well made. Over 20,000 NHS frontline workers refuse the flu vaccine every year. Not surprising, as they have first-hand hands-on experience of the consequences.
    Regarding our bizzarely appointed vaccine czar, I confidently predicted Kate Bingham would cut and run the moment I read her "don't blame me" piece in the Lancet, in which she rubbished the upcoming vaccines as potentially worthless. Given she has screwed the taxpayer for £670,000 on self-publicity, I wonder just how much she trousered for her last six months as vaccine-buyer for the Westminster prophets of doom?

    1. Someone commented today that bearing in mind the recreational habits of today's under-50's, accustomed to happily ingesting chemical products which have been imported via a small bag stuffed up someone's rectum, the Government would get a better take-up of the vaccine by advertising it on Facebook and arranging 2am meetings in pub car parks.


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