Fight Back Against the Hoax NOW or Lose Everything

The choice is now. You can start fighting now or you will very quickly lose everything. They have already grabbed the power to lock you indoors, to arrest you for travelling against their wishes and forced you into wearing a muzzle to be allowed to shop for food. Sooner than you think, there will be more threats, another "variant" more harsh new laws and orders, followed by mandatory compulsory "vaccines". They have already stated their intention to -by 2030- take away your car, forbid you to fly, rip out your gas boiler, board up your open fire and force-feed you laboratory-created "food" instead of meat.  

In every country the story is the same. The choice is now. Not soon, or next year, or when it finally gets too much for you. It's already gone too far and it's almost too late to start fighting. The choice is now. Maybe here in the UK you are kidding yourself the worst is over and we're "returning to normality". Wise up. In a matter of weeks the annual, seasonal rise in colds and influenza "cases" will be used to launch a new round of  "essential vaccines", mask rules, travel restrictions and life-destroying lockdowns.


The idea is to train us to believe that such things are "normal" and "healthy". They obeyed last winter, they'll obey us again this winter... That is the logic of the elite parasite "Leaders". But you might wish to consider the likelihood that every last one of these Prime Ministers and Presidents is being bribed to the gills by Pfizer. 

There are 195 countries in the world today. Anticipating $35 BILLION in Covid "vaccine" sales for 2021 alone, Pfizer could, for example, have handed out a cool 3 million dollars to every single "Premier" on the planet to endorse their product - and still pocketed $34 BILLION,  415 million for the year!

But why oh why would they do something so terrible? Well, Pfizer, remember, have already been fined over 4 BILLION for crimes including fraud, forgery, falsified test results etc. just in the last 20 years. Pfizer has never shown the slightest interest in ethics, morals, or the damage done by their lousy products. On the other hand, they have demonstrated a near-fanatical lust for profit. 

Which begs the question: Why choose Pfizer? For no obvious reason -except corruption- Pfizer was selected in late 2020 as the first-choice supplier for "Anti-Covid" shots in over 130 countries! One by one, all the other "Covid Vaccine" manufacturers have been sidelined, and Pfizer are now poised to secure a monopoly of the most profitable drug-deal in world history. 

Do you really think the career-criminals of Pfizer will allow our lives to "return to normal"? When the  2022 fear-porn campaign will be worth 50-100 BILLION more? And after that, you can expect a new variant or virus will be rolled out for the 2023 operation. And on, and on, and on... 


Make no mistake, this will be your future : masks forever, jabs forever, lockdowns forever, house arrest forever. "Normality" will be a fading memory and the slavish bootlickers eating YouGov propaganda will mock you, scorn you and cheer when you are excluded from everything -for the crime of choosing freedom over slavery. The choice is now. Start fighting back NOW and stop cooperating with the power-drunk control-freaks in government.           

If you are young, get off your goddam smartphone and fight back before your future vanishes. If you are a parent, fight for your children -and for pity's sake teach them how to fight, too. If you are childless and /or old (and I am both) fight because your parents fought - as if your freedom to live depends on it, because it does. I repeat, this will only get worse, not better, unless you fight back.  


Across the world, experiments are under way to see how far a docile, compliant population can be pushed. Experiments designed to reveal which "orders" will be accepted and by how many. Any techniques and restrictions that are declared to be "successful" will soon be applied to your country and your life. Take a look at some examples from the last week.   

The Pfizer-poodles running Australia have just locked down their entire country because of a handful of "new cases". Not deaths. "Cases". Australia's "covid death numbers" are so pitifully low there is more chance of death by lightning strike. But the entire country has become a prison of muzzled captives on the back of a few "positive tests" in a nation of 26 million people. A nationwide manhunt was launched to find someone who was originally caught "10 kilometres away from home" before disappearing. A healthy individual, guilty of no crime being hunted like an escaped terrorist. As for the obedient, it's now "No talking in the street", no walking outside your home unmasked, no visiting any other home and no visiting any other state. This last rule killed 4 newborn babies this week, all of whom were born needing life-saving heart surgery. The state concerned had no available surgeons. Under "normal" cirumstances all four would have been quickly transferred to a neighbouring state where treatment was available. But under Australian "Covid Rules" that journey could not be made, and the newborns were condemned to death. One by one, they died. In the name of "health". In one Australian state they have started shooting rescue dogs to stop people visiting the kennels to feed them. Killing innocent animals in the name of "health".  

What kind of civilisation does things like this? What have we become?

Emmanuel Macron, the Rothschild puppet who was shoe-horned into his Presidential hotseat, has turned France into a battlezone with fascistic vaccine-passport demands which put hundreds of thousands on the street in demonstrations that border on anarchy. The Macron vaccine-passport decree created -at a stroke-  a two-tier police state in which armed policemen can stop you in the street and demand proof of vaccination. If you either resist this affront to liberty or cannot prove your "status" you will be arrested or forced back into your home.

The dementia-victim pretending to be the American President has been reading his teleprompter again. This time, handing out instructions to all businesses to force their employees to accept "vaccines" (injections of experimental gene-altering drugs) under threat of the sack. The US Armed Forces have made these injections compulsory by mid-September  "or else". Those who refuse (currently 800,000) are threatened with everything short of court-martial; in other words, career over, perhaps a spell in jail or a "dishonourable discharge". Refusenik soldiers to have their lives ruined then.    


You can only explain the above atrocities by believing one of two things. Either the governments of 195 countries went simultaneously mad on the same day in March 2020, or on that day they all took what was put on offer for them : money and/or unlimited power. In Britain, for example, the selfish greedy slobs (Jiohnson, Sturgeon, Drakeford etc) took the money, while the super-rich (Patel, Sunak, Javid etc) wanted the power. We the people are viewed as ants by these psychotic leeches who between them have contributed to nothing except their own enrichment.   


For god's sake it was only 18 months ago! Every step of this grotesque stairway to tyranny has the same boot-prints smeared on it. It's been a childish exercise in multiplication, like potty-training for infants. 

"Good little boys sit on the potty for 5 minutes" becomes sit on the potty till you shit.   

On the same principle that was invented for dumb toddlers, billions of adult humans were told to endure "2 weeks to slow the spread" which became 16 weeks locked in your house

"Social distancing" was pitched at "one metre"  -then suddenly it was two metres. 

 "Don't visit your friends and relatives" became you'll be arrested for drinking coffee alone on a park bench.  

"Wear a mask and slow the spread became "I would recommend up to three masks" - (Doctor Anthony Fauci, Head of Anti-Covid regulation for 330 million Americans.)  

"Take the vaccine and your freedom will return" became "make that two vaccines -oops- make that three. We'll let you know about the freedom thing later..."


The government insists that unless you obey like a pet, YOU are the problem. Although no Coronavirus in history has ever been preventable, let alone defeatable, this one means your life has to be dismantled because we say so. It does not matter if what the government says is illogical, or has no "science" behind it. If you won't behave yourself and just take orders blindly - then YOU  are killing people, you murderer. 

Ye gods. The choice is now. Resist and refuse or don't dare to show your cowardly face in public because you have chosen to align with the power-mad fascists. Fight back and fight now, or go lie down in the cage where you belong and STFU. The choice is NOW.    

Ian Andrew-Patrick 

 99endof supports no political party or ideology. The individual is what matters here, and the freedoms for which we are now obliged to fight.



  1. A brilliant and terrifying summation of what we are enduring .



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