The So-Called "World Health Organisation" Must Be Shut Down

The so-called "World Health Organisation" is now attempting to establish itself as a Global Government, ready to take charge of the entire world simply by declaring another "global pandemic". This is not a joke or an exaggeration. The WHO has prepared a document -they're calling it a "treaty"- that will award itself centralised power over everything from travel to all societal interactions in every country.Your government intends to sign up. If the WHO gets its way, one day soon you will need WHO permission to do anything at all other than sit locked in your house wearing a mask, waiting for the next compulsory drug-injection. Here comes your reward for cooperating with the Covid hoax.  

Like all professional con-artists, the WHO has a plausible cover-story intended to hide its real intentions. In their "treaty" document is a statement declaring their total power over every country on earth will only be "used" when there is a "global pandemic". Oh, that's alright then, we're supposed to say. But here's the catch: who do you think gets to decide when there is a "global pandemic"? Why, the WHO of course. 

What an elegant trap. Whenever it wishes to, the WHO can "declare" a "pandemic" and bingo -they run the world. If they are given this opportunity, does anyone seriously believe they won't declare a pandemic ASAP? 

Take a look at the WHO logo pictured above. Apparently this is a figurative image of "the tree of knowledge". Personally, I see a big stick with a snake wrapped around it.

The WHO is a fraud. It's a fake authority; run by self-appointed pen-pushers and speech-makers  pretending to be important, trustworthy "health" experts. The so-called "Director-General" of this gang is a man named Tedros Adhanom, the former 'health secretary' of Ethiopia -where he presided over three separate completely uncontrolled outbreaks of cholera. Adhanom -not even a qualified doctor- is now top dog in the WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION? Bear in mind that Britain's current "health secretary" is an ex-wall street banker. These people don't care about health; they're too busy grroming billionaires.

Let's just remind ourselves who pays for this useless contraption calling itself the WHO. According to their own website (which is a masterpiece of self-praise) the WHO's two biggest sources of money are (1) The German government and (2) The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. 

After that there's an endless list of donors including over 90 different countries. Also coughing up multi-millions are con-artists like GAVI -the front organisation for the vaccine industry. GAVI's board, incidentally, is controlled by Bill Gates, as are several other so-called 'independent' donors on the WHO list. In reality, Bill Gates has a majority holding -and therefore effective control over- the World Health Orgamisation. [CLICK HERE to see the donor list

As for the German government, a German court has just ruled that ordering healthcare workers to be vaccinated or sacked is constitutional -i.e. the law. [Click Here for details] Seen in that context, the German government's topline  investment in the WHO reveals which way the wind will blow during the next pandemic hoax. 

Following the runaway success of the Coronavirus scam, the billionaire vaccinators want more and they want it fast. This globalist 'treaty' is an effective suicide note for every 'free' country that signs it. The mere idea that elected politicians will sign away the last shreds of our freedoms to a mob of privately-funded international gangsters shows what a degraded facade our democracy has become.     

Why on earth should any country sign any deal with the unelected drug-money brokers that bankroll the World Health Organisation? The WHO spent the first weeks of the Covid fiasco fanning the flames of global hysteria with apocalyptic warnings and predictions as the pre-sales push for the vaccine-bonanza to come. 

Then the WHO demonstrated its slavish love of the monstrous communist Chinese regime by insisting that (a) there was no possible way Covid-19 came from the Coronavirus-manufacuring laboratory in Wuhan and (b) The Chinese government's brutal, tyrannical treatment of its own citizens was a brilliant exercise in "public health". As I write these words, Shanghai is still a dystopian prison-hellscape, with tens of millions trapped in a ferocious lockdown enforced at gunpoint. 

Not a squeak of criticism of China's physical/mental torture-policies has emerged from the so-called "World Health Organisation". This enabled America, Britain, Australia and Canada to treat their own formerly-free citizens like convicted felons for two years -so of course they did. The WHO did not criticise any aspect of these pop-up dictatorships; instead they praised them. That alone should disqualify the WHO crooks from taking any "health" role in any country, anywhere, ever. 

Instead, they are demanding that all countries sign their diabolical "treaty" and hand over all 'pandemic decision-making' powers to them and them alone. In its latest display of contempt for the simple notion of democracy, the British government intends to sign this treaty, delivering control of your future into the hands of unelected drug-profiteers based in Switzerland. 

I have been warning readers about the plan for globalising governance through a vaccination-based "health" programe since 2019. The Covid charade was just the beginning. Unless this apalling WHO treaty is aborted right now, the countdown to the next fake pandemic will commence at once. Picture your lockdown experiences from 2020/21 magnified by ten. Picture terrified children destined to live their entire lives behind masks, force-fed with an endless series of system-wrecking drug injections

A UK petition is already underway demanding that power over Britain's public cannot be be ceded to anyone else without our consent through the form of a referendum. Over 130,000 have signed already, meaning Parliament is under pressure to debate the issue as a priority. If you wish to add your signature to that petition CLICK HERE

Given that the government's response to the Brexit referendum was to simply ignore the democratic will and press on with EU policies anyway, I hold out little hope for the practical value of an anti-WHO vote. At the very least, however, we can help publicise the real and imminent danger of what is being done beneath the mainstream-media radar. It goes without saying that the true nature of this preposterous globalist power-grab is not being mentioned -and nor will it be. 

This is not some paranoid dark-web theory about a trifling, meaningless document that doesn't really matter : it's real, its now and it's happening. Resist and refuse.

Ian Andrew-Patrick

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  1. Bloody scary isn't it . No need for theory .The Conspiracy is in our face and the shitsream media would rather concentrate on Colleen Rooney and Johnny Depp .

    1. Life in a horror movie, courtesy of a mob of professional psychopaths.

    2. Ian - you said it for me!

      My own issue is that just about most people that I know can't truly see what's going on. They don't think to question anything..

      When the C-vid bull was in full effect I think I was the only one among my peers who saw what was going on from the youngest brother too. Everyone else was posting their "I got my vaccine" stickers on social media.

      The disgust I have for most of my friends runs deep. I just walk out of the room when certain subjects come up in conversation. If I didn't I'd shout myself hoarse in minutes.

      I can say this now - my patience with them is running out. If any of them actually think signing the pandemic WHO treaty is a good idea, and they say it in my presence... I'm done being the quiet one.

    3. You're choosing a hard road Will but it's the right one. If you don't say what you think, you just stop thinking. Every voice counts. More power to you.


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